Module 2, Finding Storage

In looking at storage, I have learned a few things.  I am already familiar with GoogleDrive and have been using it for work documents.  Additionally, I have been using a different Google account for my treasurer position on our local baseball/softball league.  It has been handy to keep track of receipts and letters of payment sent.  This week, I set up my dropbox and loaded all my phone pictures on it.  With that, I was low on available storage space.  Not fun.  I went to my nephew’s wedding this weekend and wanted to share my pictures with my family.  So, I learned more about the shutterfly app.  Turns out, shutterfly has an app which is super easy to load pictures from your phone and then even easier to load to Facebook to share!  So now, I have a few storage areas….one for work documents, one for treasurer documents, a photo storage updated (since I already used Shutterfly for my personal camera), and then my Dropbox storage for personal use.  I’m pretty sure, for now, that I can keep them all straight.


Author: keep, flip, change

A middle school math teacher wanting to learn more!

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