Module 4, Thinglink

At the moment,  I think I could use Thinglink to have students  show an equation or a problem being solved and then they create a button to each “part” or vocabulary word.  For example, in a long-division problem, identify the dividend, divisor, and quotient, why they could stop (zero, add a decimal and no more digits, reached a remainder), or even the smaller products they get along the way and the differences in the steps.  In an algebraic expression or equation, they could identify the coefficients, variable(s), and constants, and even when showing steps to solving, they could identify the properties used.  Below I have attached a Thinglink I found that shows different apps that are used in mathematical teaching and their uses in the classroom!  I will be referring to this while planning.

This Thinglink entitled “Math App Examples” was created by:


Author: keep, flip, change

A middle school math teacher wanting to learn more!

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