Module 4, Vimeo

So, like so many other sites, Vimeo has teaching videos, for math topics, which I like.  I also use Kahn Academy and Learnzillion which are also user friendly.  I can see how I might also look here to find just what I want.  Usually though, I make my own video on the app I have on my iPad that I can’t think of the name of right now!  I have left videos though for subs to show and this would be another place to look quickly, especially on those mornings that I just don’t feel well and can’t really make my own.

How to order fractions, decimals and percents from Polina Sadovenko on Vimeo.


I do like how this video is pasted into my blog and credit was given by embedding the code.


Author: keep, flip, change

A middle school math teacher wanting to learn more!

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