Module 5, Twitter, ugh, what could I possibly have to say?

I have been stumped on module 5….I set up a twitter account, @vmurphymath, I also found several people to follow, or some rather were companies/programs, and I had no problem re-tweeting…but then I got stuck.  Here is my retweet!


After that, well, now I need help or time.  I’m not sure or maybe I’m intimidated to tweet anything else out!

I did finally respond to someone, my nephew, who is traveling….


and the ease of this made it more fun…but again, I think it will take me a bit to make up my own tweets.  I do though understand how.

I love this for getting new ideas.  It can be addictive, I think, as you find more people or companies to follow, but I am finding videos to watch and another group must be doing something like what we are doing because they are making sorting activities and sharing them.  So this could be a lot of fun and certainly informative.  I will keep reading and connecting and see how it goes.


Author: keep, flip, change

A middle school math teacher wanting to learn more!

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