Module 8 – Done already???

I loved taking this course and following along with the modules.  I’m not sure about my favorite….maybe module 7?  Okay, definitely module 7.  I know this is repetitive, but I never knew I had it in me!!!!  I am so excited to know how to video via screencasting! And, it was fun!  I think I may be becoming a techie….

I would say tweeting and creating this blog were my biggest challenges.  I think I have the basics of tweeting down, but I still need to learn how to join a chat.  I love the idea of a blog, I just don’t know yet what I will do with it in the future…I am thinking of making my portfolio/evidence notebook into a blog.  In Massachusetts, we have to turn in evidence that we met standards and goals and this may be the way to do it.  I still need to work though on the categories piece to a blog.  I just am not able to wrap my head around it.

So, looking to the future, I would like to continue tweeting and joining some twitter chats and start a new blog here on wordpress based on my goals for this coming year (I may even start a blog for my gardens….I am an amateur and I may want to start documenting what I have).  I will also continue to create video tutorials to use in my classroom using screencast-o-matic.

As I look through all the possibilities of tools to use, I would like to try several. ThingLink, Edublogs, Edpuzzle, and Prezi are the ones that jump out first.  I have looked at ThingLink already, but I need to figure out how to make one, so that I can have my students make one.  I have also played around with Prezi a bit, but not a lot and I’m not sure yet how to incorporate it into middle school math classes.  I love the idea of Edublogs…I was even thinking that the school newspaper is already on-line and not published via hardcopy anymore.  Could it be turned into a blog site instead?  hhhmmmm….. Edpuzzle is an app that a friend of mine told me about.  She uses it to flip the classroom in a way.  I don’t know about 6th graders flipping…so many are not responsible enough just yet, but I do like the idea of having a video that they could watch attached to the homework and they could answer questions on the Edpuzzle app.  I think I still need to play around with that idea.

Having said all that, I think I have a lot of goals!

  • I would like to set up a blog for my professional goals/portfolio which would be turned in by May 15, 2017
  •  I would like to start a personal blog on gardening…now.  🙂  I will be planting a new plum tree when we return from vacation and it will cause the front gardens to be changed.  I plan on documenting this.
  • I would like to join some twitter chats, just one by September.  I think they will begin increasing in numbers as school time approaches.
  • I will be exploring ThingLink, Prezi, and Edpuzzle by the end of August to determine their possibilities….more on that goal in August.  I will also be looking again at Moovly…not mentioned in our book, but a great site.  It is free and you can sign up with your Google Account, which keeps our students safe (they all have a school Google Account).
  • I will be creating one video tutorial per chapter by June 2017 using Explain Everything and Screencast-o-matic.
  • Finally, in September 2016, I would like to explore  with my principal the idea of turning the school newspaper into a website or blog using Edublogs.  I think if we allow the students to create the categories, they would have a lot of ideas.

I have truly enjoyed all the learning that has happened with this class.  I really didn’t think I had any of this in me.  It was fun, it was fun to meet others and share ideas, and I enjoyed looking at others’ pages, creations, and ideas for usage.  Thank you very much for this!



Module 6, Forms

I knew about google Forms before, but took this opportunity to learn more about it.  I was also encouraged that it has some features now to make it more appealing to look at.  I have seen this took used in my school before for pre-tests, post-test, and just some homework checking.  I love all those uses and now that I see how easy it is to use it, I like it even more.

I made a form to gather some information from the students the first week of school.  I will have the students join my classroom and then fill out this form.   We will also log into the math textbook site while we have the chromebooks that day.  Best laid plans!  I hope all that can get done in one 50 minute period!

gettoknowyou form

Get to Know you form

Module 3, Creating a Blog

What an overwhelming experience this has been for me.  In fact, it is one that I procrastinated on because I just didn’t think I could figure it out.  Vocabulary was confusing to me and navigating around the website options, menus, and views was just confusing.  On top of all this, I had this nagging voice in the back of my head…”what do I really have to say that would be new?” I did finally move on from that one when I saw that I could wipe this clean at some point and use what I had, but also be able to apply it more to work or something else that I eventually will come up with.  It has been time-consuming, but I do also feel that I am finally understanding what it is that I need to do.  Thank you for opening these doors to me!